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World Mental Health Day 2019

Refreshing. That’s what today was. Refreshing.

It was a beautiful sight to see so many friends sharing positive messages about Mental Health. It made such a change from the dirge of Coleen Rooney and Brexit. People opening up and having real conversations. It was refreshing.

I picked up my latest prescription of anti depressants and friends with an unusual spring in my step as I spent my time waiting in the pharmacy, scrolling through Social Media to see so many friends posting about this important day. It was refreshing.

I’ve not been having the best time recently but just about keeping up appearances. Being silent isn’t being strong. So I’ve opened up to a few new people including a new Psychiatrist on my troubles. It was refreshing to unburden myself.

The best way I can describe my recent moods is ‘meh’. I’ve, unbeknownst to me, lost interest in a lot of things, lots of can’t be bothered. But talking has helped. And those friemds hopefully know who they are and have helped me more than they know. So im not as miserable as I was. It’s refreshing to feel normal again.

So please, talk, share, laugh, love, hug and look after one another. You never know when being nice to another human is making a huge difference to them.

Now, I’m off to refresh my news feeds to see what other positive messages I’ve missed.

A Vicious Cycle (minus the lycra)

Ever wake up in a bad mood? For no apparent reason? No idea what’s causing it but nothing helps?

Well this has been me for the last few days. Stuck in a high level of grump. Every little thing annoying me. Snapping at family and friends when they’ve done nothing wrong.

And this is where my vicious cycle kicks in.

So I’m grumpy. I hate it. I’m largely a happy go lucky chap. Keep smiling. Keep calm. Carry on kind of exterior. But this is rubbish. I snap. I feel worse. I grump. I feel worse. I then end up feeling down because I’ve upset (or feel like I’ve upset people). 

So how does it stop? At the moment? I have no idea but i don’t like where it’s heading. But knowing this is happening, and knowing its not all me but a large part of it is out of my control provides a crumb of comfort.

Trying to snap out of it? Easier said than done. Depression has some powerful weapons in it’s armoury. It’s ability to isolate me is huge. Because when I feel like this, i feel i want to be alone, but that doesn’t help. 

And thus my vicious cycle continues until something changes. But what is that something and when will it come? Perhaps It’s a bereavement reaction to events of the last week? Who knows.

I wish i knew

The Drugs Don’t Work – Or do they?


For various reasons I stopped my medication a few weeks ago and I could almost feel the serotonin dropping put of my system.

Ive been on and off various medications for my moods over the years with varying degrees of success and side effects – some bearable, some completely unbearable.

So, I’ve recently re-started my anti-depressants and had what is known as a rebound effect – not as fun as it sounds. Basically my mood has dropped significantly to the point where wearing the “normal me” mask is exhausting. I find myself either wanting to sleep or stay up all night, starve or eat everything, laugh or more likely cry.

But things are beginning to feel normal again, so the medication must do something. It keeps me on a relatively even keel even when the stresses of life get to me. But its my friends and family that keep me, me.

I’m hearing so many more conversations about mental health now which also encourages me. I know I’m not alone in my struggle and I would welcome anyone who needs to talk to have a coffee (or tea) with a loved one and talk. Failing that, drop me a line and let’s talk.

You are stronger than your depression, and by sharing the burden, you make it weaker and easier to beat.

We can do this.