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Alright Mate? Full Poem

Alright mate?

Let’s get this straight.

Don’t hate

Don’t just tolerate

Don’t ignore

I implore

My mind it castrates

Thoughts burn and berate

Let’s get this stuff off my plate

Alright mate?

I don’t want your sympathy mate

But your time you can donate

Ease my burden mate

The dark, it fixates

Alright mate



I’ve opened the flood gate

I know I frustrate

But it’s just my trait

For so long, I can’t backdate


my heart rate


My problems I’ll narrate

Gain weight

Lose weight

My mind prison, I’m the only inmate

Not today, not a playmate

I might migrate

Escape, fall or just stagnate

Tried drugs, hugs

Tried to walk, to talk


But all I wanna hear is

Alright mate?

Alright, mate.

You need to activate

To regulate

But I can’t concentrate

So desolate

I overestimate

I formulate that

I need you mate

I’ll hibernate

Real life I imitate

Not intimate

I lacerate

Expel my hate

I self medicate

I postulate

Can’t recreate

Day by Day I orchestrate

“Normal life?”

I suffocate

Don’t speculate

Just ask

You Alright mate?

I don’t innovate

I vegetate

Not appreciate

Not collaborate

But it’s not deliberate

Will you be alright mate?

I debilitate

But don’t discriminate

Carry on and I’ll seal my own fate

But wouldn’t it be great, to hear,

Alright mate?

Skin emaciate

Hope evaporates

I manipulate

Never participate

We procrastinate

All I need

To resuscitate

Is alright mate

Your here

I can recuperate

Eating sulphates, nitrates

I won’t deteriorate

Affects my metabolic rate

Fertility rate

With time, I can invigorate

Is it a temporary state?


Alright mate.

My psychological state

Don’t underestimate


Light after dark


Don’t deteriorate

Stop hallucinate

Let’s reintegrate


Don’t impersonate



Alleviate your affiliate

With an alright mate?


Help me navigate



I will illustrate

And fascinate

Let’s celebrate

Change my state

Conversations we update

To start with a genuine

Alright mate?